For several years now, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach has brought about a growing interest among our customers. In order to support them and help them in this evolution, we decided to publish an annual report in which we present our policies, commitments, actions and performances as well as our targets for progress. Within our activities we encounter issues such as health, consumer safety or talent retention, but also the environmental impact of our products, the societal challenges our suppliers are facing and the fight against corruption. To enhance this approach and provide our customers with a transparent image of our policy, we decided to fill in the ECOVADIS evaluation.
In 2018, we received a “Silver” level of recognition and decided on working to improve the items that proved lacking. In 2019, our company obtained a score of 63/100, receiving a “Gold” level of recognition.

This rating is a very encouraging result and places our company amongst the 5% highest rates of ECOVADIS!

GNG Promotion is committed to improving this result each year.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to ask us for our updated report.

Standards and regulations :

Today, importers can no longer be considered as simple “Trend seekers ”.
Regulations and standards are evolving everyday, as the authorities strive to ensure safety and reduce consumer risks.
In order to meet those requirements, we work in close collaboration with laboratory experts from Bureau Véritas and Intertek, on each project we follow. They advise us and give us the latest certifications required to help us ensure the compliance of imported products.

In addition, our team regularly takes part in training courses led by our partners.

Quality Control :

To guarantee product compliance with the approval sample,

We always ask the factory to provide production samples.

– We have a first quality report provided by the factory in-house as soon as 30% of the goods are produced.
We have quality inspections carried out by external entities as soon as 100% of the goods are ready.

Only once the products have been inspected and compliant do we release the goods.

By going through these steps, we have ensured the trust of many major clients.


Delivery Times :

In the gift products field, deadlines are a priority and logistics play a key role.
To ensure quality service, we surround ourselves with trusted partners and benefit from their experience. Thanks to the implementation of the Simplified Customs Procedure (SDP), customs clearance time is shortened.

SDV, NNR, Sparx, Royal international, UPS, GLS or Calberson are our logistics partners.

Thanks to them, we are able to deliver within guaranteed deadlines both in France and abroad (England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, United States, etc.).